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Back on the island after the happy ending of Eep and her family the Croods, Guy had a special surprise for Eep for he is deeply in love with her.
Guy made a ring out of a special shiny diamond rock and medal and he put it in a shell box.
Guy decided to proposed to Eep in marriage, but will Eep's father Grug will approve?
Then when it's time to propose to Eep, Guy told his pet sloth named Belt to throw pretty purplish blue flowers around the beautiful meadow.
Guy took Eep to the meadow and they had a wonderful picnic together.
Then Eep asked Guy, "Guy, what is this all about?"
Guy took out his shell box out of his pocket and Eep gasped with joy, but she is curious about it because she doesn't know what it is.
Guy opened the box and inside was a beautiful diamond ring that Eep had ever seen.
"Will you marry me, Eep?" Guy asked.
"Yes!" said Eep as she hugged Guy happily. Then she asked as if she is confused about "Will you marry me" question,
"What was that in the shell box and and what was marry?"
"In the shell box I call it a ring and marry is when people get married and be husband and wife. And I call my question a proposal," Guy told Eep.
"Then yes! I will marry you!" said Eep, but Eep suddenly thought in wonder, will her father approve of their marriage?"
When Eep and Guy told their family about their engagement, Ugga, Gran, Sandy and Thunk jumped with joy and cheered.
But did Grug, Eep's father approved?
Yes. Grug did approve.
He is happy to have Guy as his son in law.
Grug hugged Guy and Eep and he said, "Congratulations!"
Eep and Guy and their family had a feast in the celebration of their engagement and then a year later, their wedding had arrived.
Eep is dressed in a white dress that is made out of fur with gray stripes and her veil is made out of flowers and she's holding a bouquet of purplish blue flowers.
Guy and Eep said their wedding vows and they kissed as husband and wife.
Eep and Guy and their family had a wedding party and after the party, Guy and Eep as husband and wife went to a special beautiful island as their honeymoon.
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cool story :D
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