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One night on the beautiful island where the Eep and her family the Croods live, Eep and Guy were having a wonderful feast together after they caught the biggest turkeyfish that they could find and they had a wonderful time together.
Then suddenly, there came down with rain and thunder and it's pouring all around them
When Eep heard the thunder and got wet with rain, she screamed and she tried to snuggle close to Guy.
"Guy," said Eep, "I'm scared."
"I know, Eep," said Guy as he hugged Eep in his arms and tries to comfort her, "I'm scared too,"
"Let's go home," said Eep, "or my father and my family will start to worry," said Eep.
"Okay, Eep," said Guy.
Guy and Eep were about to get up from their spot where they just ate their feast, but suddenly they saw a light of fire that is walking towards them and they suddenly heard a familiar voice that called to them.
"Eep! Guy!"
"That sounded like my father," said Eep.
Grug is holding a torch of fire while looking for Eep and Guy for he realized Eep and Guy have been gone and never came back home for hours and hours.
Then Grug, Eep's father called out again, "Eep! Guy!"
"Grug!" Guy called out back, "We're over here!"
"Where?" Grug, called out, "I can't see you through this thundering rain storm!"
Then, Grug finally found Eep and Guy when the dark cloudy storm cleared, but still raining and Grug said, "Where have you two been? I've been looking for you everywhere!"
"Sorry, Father," said Eep, "Guy and I were just hanging out for fresh air.
"Well, it's getting late for fresh air," said Grug, "Let's go home."
Suddenly Eep got tired and she fell on the rocky floor with her knees.
Then Grug said to Guy, "I'll carry Eep in my arms, you'll follow me to our new cave."
"It's okay, Grug," said Guy, "I got her."
Grug nodded for he still liked Guy as part of his family, but he wasn't sure if Guy is right for Eep.
Guy picked up Eep and carried her in his arms and he followed Grug to their new home on their new island.
When Grug and Guy finally arrived in their new cave, Guy gently puts down Eep on the floor.
"Let's get some sleep," said Grug.
Of course the rest of the family are asleep and now it's time for Grug and Guy and Eep to go to sleep and hunt some food in the morning.
Before Eep goes to sleep, Eep happily snuggled close to Guy's chest and she said to Guy, "Thank you Guy,"
"For what?" Guy asked, surprised, It's my fault that we're out there and I think you're father is upset with me."
"For protecting me," said Eep.
Guy smiled at Eep and he snuggled close to Eep and he and Eep fell fast asleep together.
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April 14, 2013


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